Why pay the whole price?

You can book for regular house service or pick from one of the services below on weekly or monthly bases.


End of lease cleaning

Regular cleaning

Weekly, biweekly, monthly


All Rooms

 icon-tick Ceiling fans
 icon-tick Baseboards
 icon-tick Dusting
 icon-tick Light switches
 icon-tick Trash
 icon-tick Door knobs
 icon-tick Window ledges
 icon-tick Vacuuming and mopping
 icon-tick Furniture


 icon-tick Stove top and stove fan
 icon-tick Microwave + inside
 icon-tick Countertops
 icon-tick Outside of appliances
 icon-tick Sinks
 icon-tick Outside of cabinets
 icon-tick All surfaces


 icon-tick Toilets
 icon-tick Outside of cabinets
 icon-tick Tubs/showers
 icon-tick Mirror
 icon-tick Sinks
 icon-tick Countertops
 icon-tick Sinks

Bedrooms/Living Rooms

 icon-tick Make beds
 icon-tick Change linens (if told)
 icon-tick Under the bed if there is nothing underneath
 icon-tick Hallways
 icon-tick Staircases
 icon-tick Table tops
 icon-tick Electronics


 icon-tick Deep cleaning
 icon-tick Move in/out
 icon-tick Inside fridge
 icon-tick Inside oven
 icon-tick Inside cabinets
 icon-tick Wet wipe window blinds
 icon-tick Interior windows
 icon-tick Green cleaning – free

Services NOT Offered

 cross Cleaning of chandeliers
 cross Wet wiping of light bulbs
 cross Cleaning of bio-hazards (mold, etc)
 cross Hoarding, animal waste/litter
 cross Heavy scrubbing of walls
 cross Hard-to-reach areas (higher than a 2-step ladder)
 cross Putting away dishes
cross Washing of exterior windows